January 26, 2006

The New Blog

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:08 pm by tatertot

Day one of the exercise in consistency.  I’ve always been completely terrible at keeping up with diaries/journals/blogs/correspondance.  This is an attempt to try and get all of the above under control. 

Who knows what might show up here?  Summaries of my days, interesting things that I’ve seen or heard, pictures and progress charts on knitting, new recipes I’ve stumbled across… Hard to say, really.

And… here is a reasonably accurate photo of me, just for content sake.


Me, January 26th

There.  The trademark “I hate smiling” smirk in all it’s glory.

I have homework to do, books to read, and socks to knit, so I’m going to skidaddle.

READING: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: a Novel by Susannah Clarke
LISTENING: “Clyde” – J.J. Cale
KNITTING: 2×2 ribbed fire-colored socks (1 of 2)
WATCHING: The Princess Bride


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