January 30, 2006

“I’m not sorry, and it’s probably going to happen again.”

Posted in Knitting: WIPs at 8:47 pm by tatertot

We’re going to start this off talking about you.  Yes, you.  It will, obviously, return to me (I do so love talking about myself) but initially, I will graciously share some attention with you. 

This is a vague little scenario, but I’m sure it applies to everyone at some point or another.  You get in a… perhaps not an all-out arguement, but a little angry encounter with someone.  Let’s just say it’s the little cashier/order-taker at Wendy’s whom you specifically asked not to put cheese on your burger and then furthermore had an extensive conversation about lactose intolerance.  Let’s just say.  And then you open your burger foil and can hardly believe your eyes.  Cheese is on your $#%@ing burger.  So you storm up to the counter in a fit of rage slowly, and with class, approach the self-same cashier who took your order, and then she looks at you blankly and says “well, if you didn’t want the cheese, why did you pay for it?” And at this moment, you are angry but can only manage indignant muttering and a lot of soundless mouth-flopping.  In the car, once you have slammed out of the fast foot restaraunt, you know exactly what you should have said.  But, that is neither here nor there because you will never have the chance to say it.  Which makes you the tiniest bit angrier. 

That was the “you” moment.  Now we’re back in “me” mode.  I have had countless moments in my life where I thought of the perfect thing to say when the source of my anger was nowhere in sight.  Well, last night had dinner in a reasonably well-respected dinner place, I had my vengeance.  I ruthlessly let the person (a sibling) feel the full force of my eloquent anger, and then when confronted about it by another person at my table, was given the opportunity to use ANOTHER line that I’ve always wanted to use.  Can you believe that?  Golden opportunity.  Of course, the line was only “I’m NOT sorry, and it’s probably going to happen again.  In fact, considering who we’re talking about, it most definately will.”

I looked smug for the rest of dinner.  It becomes me.

Just to keep it interesting, a little progress shot of the sock.  This is sock one (of two) and is my First Sock Ever.  It is surprisingly easy except for how annoyingly little you can do without needing to reference the pattern again.  I’ve heard that certain knitting persons, such as the Yarn Harlot, have knitted so many socks that patterns are things of the past (unless intricate patterns or new styles are involved, presumably) and I find this hard to believe.  But, since I’m signed up to participate in the 200Sox KAL, I might be of a different opinion by the end of the year, as I will be a sock knitting machine.


I stuffed the skein of yarn into the sock so that you might have a better ideaof what this bad boy looks like once something is actually within it. 

READING: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: a Novel by Susannah Clarke
LISTENING: “Buenas Noches from a Lonely Hotel Room” by Dwight Yoakam
KNITTING: 2×2 ribbed fire-colored socks (1 of 2)
WATCHING: Funny Farm


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