February 11, 2006

Goodbye, mind! Hello, Knitting Olympics!

Posted in Knitting: WIPs at 4:04 pm by tatertot

A friend once said, whilst we were studying for an unrealistically large Shakespeare final, “Every time I turn the page, I feel myself slipping slowly into insanity.”

I am confident that she has not ever knit a single stitch in her life.  Last night, while watching the opening ceremonies and parade of nations for the Olympics, I realized something.  With every stitch, I feel myself slip sliding at break-neck pace into insanity.  (Truthfully, this is no different from any other knitting venture.  Starting with the shove off at the yarn store when I’m building my “don’t need any more, thanks” stash, picking up speed when I find the pattern, and finally shooting downhill like a rocket with every stitch).

And by the way, this Shaun White character who snowboards for Team USA?  He is totally going to eat up all my knitting time.  Wow.

So, I’m at 5% finished on the baby blanket.  I think.  Going to accomplish much more today for sure, and since a Nor’Easter is going to dump a good foot of snow overnight at Chez Tot, I’ll have uninterrupted knitting time tomorrow.  Maybe Monday! Oh glorious snow days, please come soon!

READING: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: a Novel by Susannah Clarke (I know! I’ve been reading this forever.  But in my defense, it is a HUGE book!)
LISTENING: “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” by Jim Croce
KNITTING: The K.O. Baby Blanket
WATCHING: Donnie Darko 


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  1. Corrie said,

    for whatever dumb fuck reason, tunelesshilltop will not let me join it even though i have been invited, previously joined, and then was promptly expelled. also, i’ve started writing a story about fast food and serial killers. i think it’s pretty funny, but that doesn’t mean that it actually is! anyway, i want this blog thing up and running if at all possible. i also want to post pictures of my wedding shit and all of my lovely knitting. i cant’ WAIT til we’re living in NY! oh just about two more months! i’m ecstatic. practically to the pee your pants stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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