March 31, 2006

My head is THIS CLOSE to exploding.

Posted in Knitting: FOs at 1:18 pm by tatertot

Um… hello everyone.

I said in my first post, you may recall, that this was an exercise in consistency, or in maintenance of a journal/diary type thing.  I've always wanted to keep one, as I think they are incredibly useful and it always charms my socks off to find things that I've written a year or more ago.  Yes, you read correctly.  I charm myself.  Not that the old written things are especially good, but it amuses me to find things that I've written that I don't even remember writing.  It's like… I recognize my own writing style and word usage, so it's something familiar and yet new at the same time. 

Do I ramble like this all the time?

Anyhow, please forgive lapses in posting.  I am either knitting or studying or going to class or working when I'm not posting. I'm a very busy girl. I will try to be better about this though.

I did start this post with a point.  A few actually.  I will make you a bulleted list to try and control my rambling. 

  1. I have a feverish sinus infection.  So I feel like I've been hit by a garbage truck twice and then tossed in to the back with the refuse.  Needless to say, I think this sucks.
  2. I have to go to a military ball tonight with my insufferable infection.  And I'm wearing a strapless dress.  So there is a very real danger that I might sneeze/cough my way right out of the top of that dress.  If you don't hear from me for a couple of months and when you do, it's under a penname in a new state, you can assume that this is what happened.  I am thinking of wearing a suit instead.
  3. I finished something.  A while ago, and am just getting around to posting the photo, but nevertheless.

(A note. I am TRYING to post this photo. But wordpress is being a bitch about the whole thing.)

Boom, baby!

These are the Ribbed Socks that I've been prattling on about.  I bet you guys thought I was kidding!  I really finished them.  Here they are blocking.  As soon as they finished, I sent them to my grandmother, who taught me to knit in the first place.  You can read more about these socks here. (Please note: this is posted on a blog that I share with a friend of mine.  Please don't comment there. Comment here.)

READING: Capt. Hook by J.V. Hart
LISTENING: “For Miles” by Thrice
KNITTING: Keri's Sick Socks (I know. Another pair. Relax.)
WATCHING: The Simpsons: Season 7


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