April 18, 2006

Thus far, an AMAZING day!

Posted in Knitting: WIPs at 7:53 pm by tatertot

Okay, delivering this bit of dodgy news to you guys is the worst thing I've had to do all day.  I finished sock One of Keri's Sick Day Socks (and I think it is beautiful; I'm quite proud of my handiwork) but can not seem to find a digital camera anywhere in the house so that I might upload a photo for you to see.  I will try very hard to get that done this week.  It might be that you have a picture of a finished PAIR of socks instead of a single sock.  Who knows.  🙂

Aside from that, this has been a pretty good week and an EXCELLENT day.  Most excellent.  My spanish class was cancelled, I was able to attend a speech that I enjoyed (relatively), and then I came home and have been drinking and doing pretty much everything that I really like to do.  

In an hour or two, I'm going to start drinking more aggressively and pick up around the house. Laundry and such.  i want the house to be really clean by Thursday and Friday, since I'll be having people over.  And I think it will be a pleasant surprise to the family to come home to a clean house.  I'm sure Mom would really appreciate it.

 So this is a pretty good day so far.  I might even indulge in a little drunk knitting – I'm feeling adventurous!

The only true downside to the day is all the work I have to do on my speech, which I will need to sober up and do after I finish cleaning the house. It needs a lot of work and so forth, but i'm not willing to do it while the day is still so pretty outside and I'm enjoying myself so much.

READING: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
LISTENING: "MakeDamnSure" Taking Back Sunday
KNITTING: Megan's Peony Basketweave scarf
WATCHING: "MakeDamnSure" music video


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