April 20, 2006


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This post ties two of my loves together: knitting and drinking girly drinks. While pretty on paper and pretty when individually practiced, sometimes… these things collide. Which is what happened today.

For Easter, my mother purchased me a skein of sock yarn large enough to make a pair of socks, as well as double pointed needles appropriately sized. Now, no matter how many skeins of sock yarn you have, or how many DPNs are scatterned in your stash-tool stand… you never stop loving recieving things and come away from the experience feeling like… "Wow. She gets me!"

So easter was awesome and I've been DYING to use this yarn because, back me up when I say this, when you receive gift yarn, whatever you make must be for YOURSELF. Or should be. Especially if you are so much like me that you have hardly, if ever, knit anything for yourself. Don't get me wrong: I knit more because I enjoy the act of knitting than because I want a woolen product at the end. But still – the fact remains that I have never knit anything for myself.

Now, take today. Today is 4/20, and I don't think much of anything is expected of my generation today. So, to celebrate with my peers, I have taken to drinking. More drinking will commence tonight when my dear friend Cook comes over, but now I'm pretty buzzed.

And when buzzed, all of my superego goes away and I am left with the id. (For you non-psychology majors, the superego is the part of your conciousness that insists that you behave fairly and stops you from being greedy and bad, etc., where as the id is purely your wants). So, with my mango rum buzz going, I started knitting the first pair of socks for myself. And though they do not look parrotty or mangoey or juicey in the least, they are still my Parrott Juice (for my half Parrot Bay, half orange juice drink of choice) socks. Pictures to come. There is still a delay on the camera front.

So anyhow, about these socks.  I don't have a pattern for them, and started them after I was already way past sober.  Definately a K.U.I. (Knitting Under the Influence), so I can't wait to see how they turn out! Stay tuned! 

READING: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
LISTENING: "MakeDamnSure" Taking Back Sunday
KNITTING: sock I of the Parrot Juice Socks



  1. Jamie said,

    I don’t know how to knit (though I’ve always wanted to learn — I even bought a book on it once but I guess it’s easier to learn by doing and I haven’t anyone to teach me)…

    my god, could I just once communicate a coherent thought without running off on some tangent?

    Anyway, my point was that although I have never learned to knit, I still feel I ought to back you up on that business of gift yarn should be used to make something for yourself. That’s still the truth, even if I lack the authority to say so convincingly. It’s strange how human beings still have not fully mastered the art of treating themselves not to the point of pure hedonism, but yet often enough that they’re enjoying themselves. Then again, we’re a culture of extremes. I’m not sure our DNA contains the code for a happy medium on anything.

  2. tatertot said,

    Thank you for backing me up, Jamie! 🙂 I tried very, very hard to reply to your blog (especially on your most recent entry concerning Allison, which interests me greatly as I have a similar pattern with my friends and was very frustrated on your behalf) but for some, very frustrating reason, WordPress will not allow me to do this. So please know, I do read your blog. And AM trying to comment. 🙂

  3. Jamie said,

    Ah! WordPress. I’d fix it except that I’m still learning WordPress so I couldn’t really say what the problem is. Did it ask you to register? Although if I’m not mistaken it shouldn’t as you obviously have a wordpress account already. I hope it’ll work for you soon. I’ve been sitting here wondering why I get so few comments — thought I was just unpopular but now I wonder if others are having a similar issue. So thanks for bringing it to my attention at least.

    In any case, yes, this situation with Allison is a repeat of a situation I’ve had with at least three or four friends in the past. I’ve always believed that friendship is about quality, not quantity, which is why I usually don’t mind it too much that I typically only have one “real” friend at a time these days — until situations like this one arise and once again I’m forced to throw it out the window. It’s physically draining, trying to fight a losing battle like that, trying to remain friends with someone who just doesn’t care enough to share in the work.

    Hopefully both of us can break this pattern soon, ’cause it’s a lousy one to be stuck in.

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