April 21, 2006

Knervous Knitter…

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:53 pm by tatertot

Please, please, please don't let me be the only one who strongly desire to go to a knitting group but is too nervous/insecure-in-knitting-skill(z) to go. 

I bet they're even nice ladies.  Probably mostly the moms of most of my former classmates, which isn't so much what phases me, and probably WAAAAY more experienced than I am, which phases me quite a bit.

I feel kind of silly, being so nervous at the idea of going.  After all – I can knit socks!   I knit! I purl! I color-change like it's my job. I don't cable, but hey, it's pretty obvious that I can get pretty nervous about things and to me, cables spell disaster.  There is no reason for me to be nervous in front of these women.

Except that I so totally am.  

And not to be particular or mean, but I'd really rather prefer it if most of the knitting group was closer to my age, or at least three other knitters were.  First of all, I think it's most likely that a young knitter would be closer to me in the skills and chatting departments and is also likely to be more receptive to the styles of things that I'm setting out to knit.  Okay, this paragraph isn't explaining what I mean very well… I just want a friend who is MY age and who KNITS and who might even be BETTER than me!

This -I suspect- could be damn near impossible.  The search continues!

Also, this is probably a good point to swallow my pride and flat out apologize for the drunken nature of my last post.  Reading over it in the cold light of morning, I assure you that I was blushing and flustered at my inarticulation and wildly swooping conversation.  And then I scrolled up and read the drunk post, and was embarassed of that as well. 🙂

Out of the slight embarassment emerges the teeniest bit of triumph, as I did not apocalyptically screw up the socks.   More to come soon.

(I'm getting kind of embarassed about this lack of picture posting. … I'm not a very good blogger.)

READING: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J. K. Rowling
LISTENING: "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" by DeathCab for Cutie
KNITTING: sock I of the Parrot Juice Socks; sock II of the Keri's Sick Day Socks; Megan's basketweave scarf
WATCHING: The Simpsons



  1. Jamie said,

    best use of the word “apocalyptically” ever. i award you eleventy-four points.

  2. Jamie said,

    in any case, you should definitely go. nobody understands irrational fears of going places and being around actual people better than i do, but you’ve automatically got something in common with everybody in that group. how awesome is that?

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