April 29, 2006

Is it Just Me?

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:32 pm by tatertot

WordPress is giving me a LOT of problems in as many arenas as is possible for a blog.  Not only can I not comment on the blog of another, whom I would most definately like to comment on (something about not being registered?), I also have a LOT of trouble posting photos.

 No, seriously.  This isn't just an excuse for why I haven't posted any.  I really do get a lot of grief from WordPress when trying to do this, as you might recall with the first posting of the first sock photo. 

So now I wonder.  Would it be better to take the risk and move the blog to a whole other blogging program?  Or should I suck it up and try to do my best with what I've got?

I just have this nagging feeling that changing addresses for the blog would be detrimental to my blogging career.  (In retrospect, I feel this way about ALL moves.)

In other news, despite the three projects that I have going on, I'm thinking of starting something for my mom (since Mother's Day is a scant two weeks away!).  I've been trying to keep some project monogamy – which was once a really intense urge following the Knitting Olympics but now is kind of just a whimper in the background.  Maybe… Maybe I should use my computer skills and O.C.D. about organization to create a TIMELINE for my projects.  When they need to be done by, how much progress has elapsed, how much progress I think SHOULD have elapsed, etc.

And since the semester ends in a week or so, It will be summer and I will have PLENTY of time to accomplish this.  When I'm not at work, I mean.

Summer, undoubtedly, is my favorite time of the year due to all the knitting that gets to happen then.  And since I live in New York now, summer knitting is not the disaster that it used to be when I lived in Texas.   

 Okay.  Now I have to go and shower to meet up with a friend to study at the campus library.  Have a good weekend, all!

READING: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J. K. Rowling (what? it's a HUGE book)
LISTENING: "MakeDamnSure" by Taking Back Sunday
KNITTING: sock I of the Parrot Juice Socks; sock II of the Keri's Sick Day Socks; Megan's basketweave scarf



  1. Jamie said,

    well, I’m not sure if it’s mine you’re referring to up there (though I know you did mention you were having that problem with mine), but if it is, I’ll tell you this: it’s entirely possible my settings are what’s requiring you to register to comment. Of course, I’m very new to WordPress and so if that is the case I have no idea how to fix that, unfortunately.

    What I do know is that everyone who’s commented so far has needed to register to do so, but then most of them were not previously wordpress users. Umbrellasong is, so I ought to ask her (him?) if s/he needed to register to comment in my blog.

    In any case, I think if you were to register for it, it’d only make you do it once and it wouldn’t override your own blog login settings, I think. Then again, that might be a good thing to check with WordPress. In the meantime I’ll ask Umbrellasong about it.

  2. Jamie said,

    ah, so i investigated, and Umbrellasong did have to register to comment in my blog despite being a wordpress blog user to start with.

    So it must be my settings. I’ve tried the entire dashboard and I can’t figure out why, so…. I don’t know, maybe it just requires that for any inter-hosting comments. Because even though you’re hosted through wordpress, I’m not. I’m hosted through Dreamhost. So maybe that’s why?

    Anyway it’s safe for you to register to comment if you’d like. Once you do you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Hope I’ve helped!

  3. Jamie said,

    Me again. Sick of me yet? haha. I’ve discovered that I am a stupid, stupid person and somehow missed a very obvious checkbox telling me how to disable that registering business. It’s no longer necessary. Whew!

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