May 7, 2006

I am not a Liar.

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Okay, true to my word, I have brought a post with pictures. But before we get to that, I must say: does anyone else see the irony in my FINALLY coming through with the photos within the time frame that I swore I wouldn’t be posting? Really, I’m like the biggest liar ever. But a really honest one.

Right. So here are the pictures, and then there is even more posting. So if you need to go to the bathroom, and thought you’d just scan this quickly before you wet your pants, I have screwed you. Go pee now. Don’t wait. (Can you tell how often I speed-read before sprinting upstairs to the bathroom?)

These pictures, by the way, will open in a new window when you click on them.

This is a recent photo of yours truly. The last one did me NO justice.

This is the stash. Notice the top row is ALL sock yarn.

This is the sock I’m knitting my mother for Mother’s Day. Roughly 4″ have been added to this sock since the picture was taken. (What can I say? I have a LOT of knitting time at my job.)

These, at long last, are Keri’s sick day socks. Well, one of them.

And now that the knittery is done, I’d like to climb the stairs of my soapbox to say a short word about something near and dear to my heart: vegetarianism, and a cruelty free lifestyle. As a note, this could get long-winded and you are welcome to skip ahead. But if you do decide to do that, please at least look into vegetarianism at a page like VegSoc.Org or Peta2.

To those of you who may read my blog with anything resembling regularity (bless your hearts): this message is the most that I will ever address the issue head on here. I think. In the future, it might be mentioned in passing, but perhaps will not monopolize so much of an entry. Though vegetarianism is VERY important to me, I have a feeling that it isn’t what most of you came here for.

To the point: Go Vegetarian.

For one thing, it’s good for your health. Tremendously good for your health. It will cut down on your cholesterol, which contributes to 8 out of 10 of the leading causes of death. It will help out your digestive system – especially your colon- which has a very difficult time handling meat (especially red meat). If you’re trying to lose weight, the average vegetarian loses 27 pounds their first year of vegetarianism. (Less, if you weren’t overweight to begin with). And only 2% of vegans are obese.

Woah there. “Vegan?” You say. “What’s the diff.?”

Vegans, in addition to not eating meat, do not eat any animal byproducts. This includes dairy and eggs. They also don’t WEAR animal products, like wool and leather.

I follow a vegan diet, but don’t live a 100% vegan lifestyle simply because at the moment, I disagree with a few of their principles. Wool, for one, can be extracted without doing any harm to the sheep. If you practice conscientious consumerism, you won’t make the mistake of buying wool from a company that endorses cruelty to animals. Do a little research! It’s your money, and you should know where it is going!

So I am technically just a cruelty-free vegetarian. For now. Any vegans out there are welcome to persuade me to make the full transition (the only thing currently standing in my way is honey and wool/non-cruel animal fibers).

Some might argue that milk and eggs are okay if purchased from a local farm where it is ensured that the animals are not on hormones or treated cruelly. You are probably right, as far as ethics are concerned. But consider this: humans are the ONLY creature to drink the milk of another animal. Milk which is intended to bulk a baby calf up to 1,000 pounds within it’s first year. I, personally, don’t like weight gain. So why would I drink this? Furthermore, do you feed your cat or dog YOUR breast milk? No. Because it’s strange.

Or consider eggs. A chicken’s menstrual cycle. Literally. The sort of egg that humans eat on a regular basis is an unfertilized egg which the chicken produces. Why on EARTH would you eat menstruation? Again, the scenario of: what if it was a human’s menstruation? Lack of blood in chicken menstruation does not make this any less disgusting for me.

Even if you disagree with my milk/egg policy (which is fine, of course), there is NO reason that anyone should continue eating meat. It is cruel and absolutely unnecessary. People can most certainly satisfy their nutritional needs without eating meat.

Hopefully, after reading this, it will get a few of you thinking. Even if you aren’t sure if this is for you, please. Look into it. Do a little reading. Meet your meat. Look at the websites or check out books from your local library on vegetarianism, veganism, or meat production. End animal cruelty.

READING: Soldier by James Gibbore
LISTENING: “All These Things That I’ve Done” by The Killers
KNITTING: sock I of the Parrot Juice Socks; sock II of the Keri’s Sick Day Socks; Megan’s basketweave scarf; sock I of Mom’s Mother’s Day Socks
WATCHING: Hoodwinked



  1. Jamie said,

    Vegetarianism is not for me, but I love that you’re so passionate about it that you’ve taken the time to sit down and list facts and points to ponder instead of just screaming “meat is murder!” like a lot of vegetarians do. I fully, fully respect that.

  2. steve said,

    are you sure about that?

  3. Olivia said,

    Honey does not belong to us, it belongs to the bees. They work in societies, very hard, collecting nector and making honey (which is essentially bee vomit by the way) and storing it for their own personal use, to provide for a harsh winter if need be. The bees will give their lives to protect the hive and it’s honey, they sting intruders and die. It’s NOT ours. It’s NOT healthy for us. We DON’T need it, we SHOULDN’T steal it.

  4. s g said,

    You are right..Eggs are Chicken’s menstrual discharge.…/more-ways-to-avoid-eggs-and-help-hens.asp

    Please chant this mantra and be happy!!

    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
    Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

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