May 21, 2006

Have you ever noticed…

Posted in Knitting at 12:36 am by tatertot

That even when you have FORBIDDEN yourself from buying more yarn until you get your stash under control, you will still buy an unreasonable amount of sock yarn.

Okay, I will now clarify. There are several things coming to my defense.

    1. This was an online yarn shop that was new to me. I think all knitters will back me up on this: sometimes, you just can not STOP yourself from trying out a new yarn shop. You want to see what kind of deals you can get, what their selection is, how quickly they can get the product to you, how courteous they are, etc.The yarn shop in question was Angelika's Yarn Store. Her double point needles were cheap and metal, the way I like them. And she has, hands down, the largest selection of Lorna's Laces that I've ever seen in one place. FURTHERMORE, all the colors that I wanted were available. [In retrospect, I probably should not have told you about this, as now everyone might go there and keep her in a perpetual sold-out state. I hope not. This was a tremendous find.] I will keep you posted on how the rest of this goes.
    2. As stated above, this is the largest selection of Lorna's Laces that I've come across, with all the colors in stock. Anyone who buys Lorna's Laces Sheperd Sock knows that this is a rare thing. Certain colorways ('Bittersweet' and 'Layette', for example) have a way of flying off the shelves. Now, I LOVE Lorna's Laces. So at ten dollars a skein, I couldn't stop myself.
    3. I needed another set of metal DPNs very badly, and since Size 1 seems to be what I use most often, and they are already employed in another sock, I was desperate. In fact, this was the only thing I intended to buy. And yet I walked away with 16 skeins in 8 colorways of Sheperd Sock.

The colorways were Bittersweet, Layette, Mother Lode, Mt. Creek, Purple Iris, Lucky Stripe, and two colorways that were exclusive to Angelika's – Pacific Berries and Indian Summer.

Now there's probably a special place in Knitting Hell (you know the place: too hot for knitting and stocked full with bamboo needles and novelty yarns) for me. Because I am going to go against every nice thing that every knitter has said about the Princess of Sock Yarns: Koigu. Specifically, KPPPM. I had heard countless people singing the praises of this particular yarn and so, even though it felt a little rough to the touch at the time, I bought it anyhow. You will see the sock that resulted soon enough. But let me say this: this yarn is too rough for sock yarn, for my taste. And I dislike the color transitions in the variegation. (This could REALLY be the fault, however, of the colorway that I selected. A pukey blue and pink and purple blend that was for my mother and that I loathe entirely.) If someone can prove me wrong on this KPPPM thing, I will take it back. But I don't think you're going to be able to. I wasn't impressed with Koigu. It's not exactly awful, but it wasn't worth the praises.

Lorna's Laces, however, is. Go buy it immediately.

LISTENING TO: "Temperature" by Sean Paul
KNITTING: Sock II of Keri's Sick Day Socks (these have my undivided attention right now. I want to finish them already.)



  1. moraie said,

    right now, i hate you.

    i was headed to the store to buy some cascade pastaza

    the local store this afternoon only three flavors of laces (which i am currently using to make pomatomus socks with)

    and i love the laces

    and i shouldn’t be increasing my stash.

    i’m moving.

    i’ll get over it after i have my new yarn.

  2. Tasha said,

    I have no words to defend myself. I am an enabler of the worst sort. I hope that you went ahead and bought the Laces. No one should deny themselves the luxury of hand-made, good fitting socks in such an incredible yarn.

    And if you’re moving… May I suggest moving somewhere that allows for a larger stash? In fact, you’re free to use the word “yarn room” or “fiber room” in the presence of the realtor. It usually gives them a more accurate idea of what sort of person they’re dealing with.

  3. Angelika said,

    Hello !! Was skipping around the internet this 4th of July afternoon and came across your blog. Just want to say THANK YOU for the wonderful comments.
    If there is anything you need, just let me know !!!

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