May 22, 2006

@#$@#ing Heel Flap!!!

Posted in Knitting: WIPs at 2:47 pm by tatertot

This is entirely my fault. I admit it, and now I want the problem to go. away. For once, ladies, we're going to be getting into "hey, how does her real life go? does it suck as bad as her knitting?"

Usually, the answer to that question is no. It is why it still actually relaxes me to knit, even though I ALWAYS try to do patterns that are beyond my capability. It is because my life is generally smooth and bearable that I take such flagrant risks with sticks and string. This is not, dear readers, to imply that my life is always smooth sailing or that nothing ever goes wrong in my life. That would be misleading you horribly. What it means is: usually I am not blindsided, and usually it is not done by boys. So imagine, if you will, my mental state last night after realizing that I had been completely blindsided by a boy. I had been corresponding with him regularly and things were most definately moving in a… not platonic direction. And THEN my best friend found out he had a girlfriend. And she went apeshit on him (I love her). We're talking… no mercy, balls in his throat apeshit. And he starts arguing back and telling me she's a crazy bitch and all this while, I had NO idea they were arguing about him having a girlfriend. So there's a lot of me going "Huh?" and my best friend going "you son of a bitch!" and him going "your friend is a psycho!".

This is not to say he was an important fellow. He wasn't. The only important role he had in anything is that he was my best friend's fiance's best friend. And I'm not upset about the loss of whatever it was he thought he had going on. Because let's face it: as soon as he called my best friend a bitch, I was no longer interested in him. He did not have a snowball's chance in hell of ever doing anything with me ever ever at all.

So really, when I say blindsided, what I mean is: something was not what I thought it was. And though I knew Corrie and I were best friends, this had never really been put to the test. But she immediately came to my defnese and was SO loyal the whole time, because I know it would have been easier for her to say "Tasha, here's what's up. I can't really help because I don't want to cripple things between my fiance and him". But she didn't. She verbally assaulted him on every level. And then! Oh my! Then her fiance, of his own vocation, told his friend what an asshole he was and how "not cool" everything he had done was and they got into a heated arguement. This was after Corrie and I had smoothed things over with The Boy for her fiance's sake, because we didn't want him to lose a friend over something this silly.

I am going to knit her fiance everything he wants for the rest of his life. And her, too. That's how much I appreciate their loyalty. My friends are so totally kick ass.

But The Boy caused a rough spot. Because I suspected it for a little while but never called him on it or followed up on it and because I was so fascinated with how attractive he was, I ignored every bitof common sense I have ever possessed. I am not, I want you to understand, the kind of girl who is usually completely overthrown by some cute guy. That isn't me at all. This, though… Ugh. it rubs me the totally wrong way. It upsets me.

The conclusion to that story is: The Boy asked if we could still be friends, and even though I wanted to tell him to go fuck himself sideways, I said yeah (so that I wouldn't be the one to dissolve he and Corrie's Fiance's friendship.). (But I will now begin my Silent Treatment Campaign).

And in KNITTING NEWS: I have reached the heel flap of Keri's Sick Day Sock II. I only did two rows on the flap, and I did it wrong, because I was so distraught over this whole Boy Thing that I wasn't even paying attention. So now I have to tink back two rows of heel flap. Not looking forward to it, so I have pursued some… fortification, shall we say.

More word on the sock later today, probably.

EDIT: I have made it past the @#$*ing heel flap, and even past the turning of the heel.  I have picked up gusset stitches and am merrily decreasing my way to madness.  The sock should be done soon!
KNITTING: Keri's Sick Day Sock
LISTENING TO: "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison" – My Chemical Romance
READING:: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee


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