June 10, 2006

A preface: I’ve been drinking and blogging again.

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If you are not up to the time/energy/sanity that it may take to try and keep up with my thoughts, go ahead and skip right over this entry.  I'm am drunk, or rapidly approaching it, and have several things to tell you since i have been neglecting this blog like a bad habit.  *le sigh*

Why, you ask, am I drunk?  Well, readers, that would be because I just finished working two straight weeks at my day job.  Including weekends.  And I am Worn. Out.  Additionally, I miss my best friend in Oklahoma muchly.  (I don't know how I survived my life without her.  I love her immensely.  She is my best friend and I hope that everyone in their life finds someone who completes them as well as Corrie completes me.  In case you hadn't figured it out yet, our friendship has a tendency to nauseate others.  Namely, Corrie's adorable, generous, hunky fiance.  Who I have a sneaking suspicious would look wicked in hand knits. And KNOWS HOW TO KNIT AND LIKES IT.  Which was totally worthy of all the caps that I just gave it.)   Anyhow, she's out getting drunk/blazed tonight, and I figured that at the very least, I would get drunk with her.  From 1000 miles away.

One day (not today) I will tell you about our friendship so that you can throw up into your morning coffee.

What I came here to tell you is that I have finished Keri's Sick Day Socks and also Sock One of my Parrot Juice socks.  My camera is M.I.A., so I have no photos for you, but please take my word for it. When I'm not drinking and/or working my ass off, I will take photos to prove my knitterly completeness to you.  Meanwhile, I've started a knit ribbed hat for my friend Barton, a hand towel for my Grandmother, and am contemplating what to knit Corrie for her impending wedding.  I'm leaning towards the Honeymoon Tank  both for it's usefullness, appropriateness, and the knowledge that Corrie would look killer in it.  So really, the only thing holding me back is potential difficulty (which I scoff at!) as well as the yarn. So really, I've more or less decided that this is what I'm going to make and really need to get a fucking move on if I want to have it finished.  This has time-consuming written all over it.

Oh readers, how I have missed you.

Today, by the way, I cut my hair.  Well, by cut, I mean "shapeD".  With plans to return to my natural color by putting semi-permanent hair dye over my highlights, which have gravitated to the bottom half of my hair.  I am dying to return to my natural color.  But the shaping/cut was sup[er cute and I'm really happy with it and can honestly say that it's the first time that I was SINCERELY happy with the haircut that I had when Ileft the salon.  This girl understood what I wanted completely and did a killer job.  

I wish Corrie would call now.  I'm lonely.  And getting progressively drunker.  But not drunke nough, naturally.  *Don't let my Typos fool you.*

(Those astericks, btw, were meant to be parentheses and I simply did not have the energy to go back and change them. So there you have it.)

Am contemplating another stash flash to further gloat in my recent tremendous Lorna's Laces acquisition.

READING: Pride and Prejudice
WATCHING: Hanson: Live at the Fillmore
LISTENING: "A Walk Through Hell" by Say Anything
KNITTING: handtowels, socks, etc.


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  1. Jamie said,

    ahhh. nothing like a good blog entry when you’re completely faced.

    good job 🙂 enjoy it.

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