April 29, 2006

Is it Just Me?

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WordPress is giving me a LOT of problems in as many arenas as is possible for a blog.  Not only can I not comment on the blog of another, whom I would most definately like to comment on (something about not being registered?), I also have a LOT of trouble posting photos.

 No, seriously.  This isn't just an excuse for why I haven't posted any.  I really do get a lot of grief from WordPress when trying to do this, as you might recall with the first posting of the first sock photo. 

So now I wonder.  Would it be better to take the risk and move the blog to a whole other blogging program?  Or should I suck it up and try to do my best with what I've got?

I just have this nagging feeling that changing addresses for the blog would be detrimental to my blogging career.  (In retrospect, I feel this way about ALL moves.)

In other news, despite the three projects that I have going on, I'm thinking of starting something for my mom (since Mother's Day is a scant two weeks away!).  I've been trying to keep some project monogamy – which was once a really intense urge following the Knitting Olympics but now is kind of just a whimper in the background.  Maybe… Maybe I should use my computer skills and O.C.D. about organization to create a TIMELINE for my projects.  When they need to be done by, how much progress has elapsed, how much progress I think SHOULD have elapsed, etc.

And since the semester ends in a week or so, It will be summer and I will have PLENTY of time to accomplish this.  When I'm not at work, I mean.

Summer, undoubtedly, is my favorite time of the year due to all the knitting that gets to happen then.  And since I live in New York now, summer knitting is not the disaster that it used to be when I lived in Texas.   

 Okay.  Now I have to go and shower to meet up with a friend to study at the campus library.  Have a good weekend, all!

READING: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J. K. Rowling (what? it's a HUGE book)
LISTENING: "MakeDamnSure" by Taking Back Sunday
KNITTING: sock I of the Parrot Juice Socks; sock II of the Keri's Sick Day Socks; Megan's basketweave scarf


April 21, 2006

Knervous Knitter…

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Please, please, please don't let me be the only one who strongly desire to go to a knitting group but is too nervous/insecure-in-knitting-skill(z) to go. 

I bet they're even nice ladies.  Probably mostly the moms of most of my former classmates, which isn't so much what phases me, and probably WAAAAY more experienced than I am, which phases me quite a bit.

I feel kind of silly, being so nervous at the idea of going.  After all – I can knit socks!   I knit! I purl! I color-change like it's my job. I don't cable, but hey, it's pretty obvious that I can get pretty nervous about things and to me, cables spell disaster.  There is no reason for me to be nervous in front of these women.

Except that I so totally am.  

And not to be particular or mean, but I'd really rather prefer it if most of the knitting group was closer to my age, or at least three other knitters were.  First of all, I think it's most likely that a young knitter would be closer to me in the skills and chatting departments and is also likely to be more receptive to the styles of things that I'm setting out to knit.  Okay, this paragraph isn't explaining what I mean very well… I just want a friend who is MY age and who KNITS and who might even be BETTER than me!

This -I suspect- could be damn near impossible.  The search continues!

Also, this is probably a good point to swallow my pride and flat out apologize for the drunken nature of my last post.  Reading over it in the cold light of morning, I assure you that I was blushing and flustered at my inarticulation and wildly swooping conversation.  And then I scrolled up and read the drunk post, and was embarassed of that as well. 🙂

Out of the slight embarassment emerges the teeniest bit of triumph, as I did not apocalyptically screw up the socks.   More to come soon.

(I'm getting kind of embarassed about this lack of picture posting. … I'm not a very good blogger.)

READING: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J. K. Rowling
LISTENING: "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" by DeathCab for Cutie
KNITTING: sock I of the Parrot Juice Socks; sock II of the Keri's Sick Day Socks; Megan's basketweave scarf
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April 20, 2006


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This post ties two of my loves together: knitting and drinking girly drinks. While pretty on paper and pretty when individually practiced, sometimes… these things collide. Which is what happened today.

For Easter, my mother purchased me a skein of sock yarn large enough to make a pair of socks, as well as double pointed needles appropriately sized. Now, no matter how many skeins of sock yarn you have, or how many DPNs are scatterned in your stash-tool stand… you never stop loving recieving things and come away from the experience feeling like… "Wow. She gets me!"

So easter was awesome and I've been DYING to use this yarn because, back me up when I say this, when you receive gift yarn, whatever you make must be for YOURSELF. Or should be. Especially if you are so much like me that you have hardly, if ever, knit anything for yourself. Don't get me wrong: I knit more because I enjoy the act of knitting than because I want a woolen product at the end. But still – the fact remains that I have never knit anything for myself.

Now, take today. Today is 4/20, and I don't think much of anything is expected of my generation today. So, to celebrate with my peers, I have taken to drinking. More drinking will commence tonight when my dear friend Cook comes over, but now I'm pretty buzzed.

And when buzzed, all of my superego goes away and I am left with the id. (For you non-psychology majors, the superego is the part of your conciousness that insists that you behave fairly and stops you from being greedy and bad, etc., where as the id is purely your wants). So, with my mango rum buzz going, I started knitting the first pair of socks for myself. And though they do not look parrotty or mangoey or juicey in the least, they are still my Parrott Juice (for my half Parrot Bay, half orange juice drink of choice) socks. Pictures to come. There is still a delay on the camera front.

So anyhow, about these socks.  I don't have a pattern for them, and started them after I was already way past sober.  Definately a K.U.I. (Knitting Under the Influence), so I can't wait to see how they turn out! Stay tuned! 

READING: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
LISTENING: "MakeDamnSure" Taking Back Sunday
KNITTING: sock I of the Parrot Juice Socks

April 18, 2006

Thus far, an AMAZING day!

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Okay, delivering this bit of dodgy news to you guys is the worst thing I've had to do all day.  I finished sock One of Keri's Sick Day Socks (and I think it is beautiful; I'm quite proud of my handiwork) but can not seem to find a digital camera anywhere in the house so that I might upload a photo for you to see.  I will try very hard to get that done this week.  It might be that you have a picture of a finished PAIR of socks instead of a single sock.  Who knows.  🙂

Aside from that, this has been a pretty good week and an EXCELLENT day.  Most excellent.  My spanish class was cancelled, I was able to attend a speech that I enjoyed (relatively), and then I came home and have been drinking and doing pretty much everything that I really like to do.  

In an hour or two, I'm going to start drinking more aggressively and pick up around the house. Laundry and such.  i want the house to be really clean by Thursday and Friday, since I'll be having people over.  And I think it will be a pleasant surprise to the family to come home to a clean house.  I'm sure Mom would really appreciate it.

 So this is a pretty good day so far.  I might even indulge in a little drunk knitting – I'm feeling adventurous!

The only true downside to the day is all the work I have to do on my speech, which I will need to sober up and do after I finish cleaning the house. It needs a lot of work and so forth, but i'm not willing to do it while the day is still so pretty outside and I'm enjoying myself so much.

READING: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
LISTENING: "MakeDamnSure" Taking Back Sunday
KNITTING: Megan's Peony Basketweave scarf
WATCHING: "MakeDamnSure" music video

April 6, 2006


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I saw the commercial last night for the remake of Charlotte's Web, and I must say: it looks SO cute!  I am going to go see it opening night, come hell or high water.  I loved Charlotte's Web so much when I was a very little girl and spent most of my life aspiring to be more like Charlotte.  So I'm pretty excited about that coming out.

Don't really have much to say on the knitting front.  The Keri's Sick Day Socks are coming along rather slowly, due to tiny yarn on tiny needles, but the socks are cute and are exactly what she asked for, and it's no secret that I'm pretty much in love with knitting socks now. 

My days have not been filled with much more than classes (bleh), waiting on the Spring issue of Knitty (get on with it, already!), and knitting on this pair of socks.  As soon as I've finished the first sock, I'll post a picture to prove I'm not lying. 

Tomorrow is the Coheed and Cambria concert and I am SO EXCITED THAT I CAN HARDLY SIT DOWN.  This concert, for me, is the equivalent of the Rhinebeck Sheep Show/Yarn Extravaganza for most knitters.  That is to say: it is my rock 'n roll mecca and NOTHING will stop me from going to this show.  I can not wait.  I can't, I can't.  It's tomorrow!!!

So, you might have guessed, I'm pretty excited about that.

Anyhow, I'm going to leave off today with a little question: what, if anything, do you listen to when you knit?  Do you have a Knitting Soundtrack?  What is it?

Here is mine (for the moment: it changes at least once a month)

  1. Coheed and Cambria – "Wake Up"
  2. Rascal Flatts – "What Hurts the Most"
  3. Reggie and the Full Effect – "Get Well Soon"
  4. Ron Sexsmith – "Sundown"
  5. Sondre Lerche – "Is It Okay if I Call You Mine?"
  6. Taking Back Sunday – "Slow Dance on the Inside"
  7. The All-American Rejects – "Move Along"
  8. The Killers – "Believe Me Natalie"
  9. Travis – "Writing To Reach You"
  10. Death Cab for Cutie – "I Will Follow You Into the Dark"

Please feel free to post this prompt in your own blog, with your own soundtrack, or comment and leave me a few of your favorites.

Have a wonderful day, and in case you don't hear from me soon, a rockin' weekend!

READING: Capt. Hook by J.V. Hart
LISTENING: the KnitList playlist above (DeathCab, right now)
KNITTING: Keri's Sick Socks (I of II.  Working the gusset)
WATCHING: Barefoot Contessa

March 31, 2006

My head is THIS CLOSE to exploding.

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Um… hello everyone.

I said in my first post, you may recall, that this was an exercise in consistency, or in maintenance of a journal/diary type thing.  I've always wanted to keep one, as I think they are incredibly useful and it always charms my socks off to find things that I've written a year or more ago.  Yes, you read correctly.  I charm myself.  Not that the old written things are especially good, but it amuses me to find things that I've written that I don't even remember writing.  It's like… I recognize my own writing style and word usage, so it's something familiar and yet new at the same time. 

Do I ramble like this all the time?

Anyhow, please forgive lapses in posting.  I am either knitting or studying or going to class or working when I'm not posting. I'm a very busy girl. I will try to be better about this though.

I did start this post with a point.  A few actually.  I will make you a bulleted list to try and control my rambling. 

  1. I have a feverish sinus infection.  So I feel like I've been hit by a garbage truck twice and then tossed in to the back with the refuse.  Needless to say, I think this sucks.
  2. I have to go to a military ball tonight with my insufferable infection.  And I'm wearing a strapless dress.  So there is a very real danger that I might sneeze/cough my way right out of the top of that dress.  If you don't hear from me for a couple of months and when you do, it's under a penname in a new state, you can assume that this is what happened.  I am thinking of wearing a suit instead.
  3. I finished something.  A while ago, and am just getting around to posting the photo, but nevertheless.

(A note. I am TRYING to post this photo. But wordpress is being a bitch about the whole thing.)

Boom, baby!

These are the Ribbed Socks that I've been prattling on about.  I bet you guys thought I was kidding!  I really finished them.  Here they are blocking.  As soon as they finished, I sent them to my grandmother, who taught me to knit in the first place.  You can read more about these socks here. (Please note: this is posted on a blog that I share with a friend of mine.  Please don't comment there. Comment here.)

READING: Capt. Hook by J.V. Hart
LISTENING: “For Miles” by Thrice
KNITTING: Keri's Sick Socks (I know. Another pair. Relax.)
WATCHING: The Simpsons: Season 7

February 11, 2006

Goodbye, mind! Hello, Knitting Olympics!

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A friend once said, whilst we were studying for an unrealistically large Shakespeare final, “Every time I turn the page, I feel myself slipping slowly into insanity.”

I am confident that she has not ever knit a single stitch in her life.  Last night, while watching the opening ceremonies and parade of nations for the Olympics, I realized something.  With every stitch, I feel myself slip sliding at break-neck pace into insanity.  (Truthfully, this is no different from any other knitting venture.  Starting with the shove off at the yarn store when I’m building my “don’t need any more, thanks” stash, picking up speed when I find the pattern, and finally shooting downhill like a rocket with every stitch).

And by the way, this Shaun White character who snowboards for Team USA?  He is totally going to eat up all my knitting time.  Wow.

So, I’m at 5% finished on the baby blanket.  I think.  Going to accomplish much more today for sure, and since a Nor’Easter is going to dump a good foot of snow overnight at Chez Tot, I’ll have uninterrupted knitting time tomorrow.  Maybe Monday! Oh glorious snow days, please come soon!

READING: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: a Novel by Susannah Clarke (I know! I’ve been reading this forever.  But in my defense, it is a HUGE book!)
LISTENING: “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” by Jim Croce
KNITTING: The K.O. Baby Blanket
WATCHING: Donnie Darko 

February 8, 2006


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This morning, just after six, a family pet died.  Naturally, out of the five pets that we own, the one that died was our favorite, our baby, our ferret Bandit. 

I guess the thing about ferrets is that they have a way of getting underfoot, and this morning, Bandit ran under my mother’s foot as she was going down the stairs.  I think it broke her heart, and now she has to go to work with all this grief.  Now I have to go to school with all this grief. 

But I think what is the saddest thing of all is that the ferret was truly my little sister’s ferret.  She left the house before it happened and won’t know for several hours what has happened to her little baby.  And I don’t think I’ve got the heart to tell her, or to even look at her until my Mom tells her because she’ll just look at my face… and know. 

The hardest part, naturally, is that this is the first pet we’ve ever had who died in our possession.  We have had other animals, but they were all given away and then died or put down at the veterinarians in a very clinical way, or whathaveyou.  But Bandit…

Today is going to be very, very hard.

LISTENING:  I’m sorry.  I don’t think I have it in me to do this right now.

February 7, 2006

Id = 2, Tasha = 0

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I have no manner of willpower whatsoever.  (I can justify this – I ran two miles, which appears to have devoured every ounce of willpower that I have ever possessed in my life.  Let’s see how long I can keep this up!)

The first Point at which my willpower caved was in sitting down at this computer.  This very minute, I should be doing any of the following things: Showering (two miles has a way of laying the stink on!), studying/homework, putting away laundry, straightening room, finishing ongoing knitting projects, cleaning the kitty litter, going to the bank, etc.  And instead, here I am on the computer, writing posts and… my second loss.

I signed up for the Knitting Olympics.  The thing is… I need to knit this blanket for my friend’s little sister’s upcoming baby (which isn’t due until August but… I want to get it out of the way and be the first one to give her something knitted.)  So I think that if I put myself on this Olympian deadline, I can get it done and out of the way and in the mail before March. 

I think I’ve lost my ever-loving mind.

READING: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: a Novel by Susannah Clarke
LISTENING: “Tonight, Not Again” by Jason Mraz
KNITTING: A basketweave scarf
WATCHING: Tombstone

February 1, 2006

A (fuzzy) mind of its own…

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I think my stash is asexually reproducing.  Behind closed doors, when it has been untouched for a scant few hours, when nothing has been introduced from the outside world for a while.  I’m not sure at exactly what point that I began contemplating taking over a room in the house exclusively for yarn and knitteries, but I certainly realized today that it is a dire need.  (I ask that you ignore the fact that I’m in much more desperate need of an office.) 

When my stash isn’t inexplicably multiplying upon itself, it’s sending subliminal messages to buy more yarn with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. I nearly purchased 5 (count them- FIVE!) skeins of sock yarn and two extra sets of double point needles, thereby talking myself out of nearly $75.  I was all the way at the “checkout” screen before I realized exactly what I was doing.  I need help. 

In the mean time, I’ve put myself on a yarn diet.  I’ve lost control of my stash and am forbidding myself from buying yarn until I’ve done something with all of the yarn that I’ve bought. 

This afternoon bodes a trip to the DMV, which guarantees an estimated four hours of knitting time, which will hopefully decrease the size of the stash…

Help!  I’m being overrun by a rebellious yarn stash!

READING: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: a Novel by Susannah Clarke
LISTENING: “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” by Deathcab for Cutie
KNITTING: Small drink coasters
WATCHING: Monk: Season Three


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